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Welcome to Anson’s Furniture & Salvage! We are a full-service junk removal company serving the SF Bay Area. As a fully-insured hauling provider, we strive to offer professional services that are affordable & convenient. Each member on our team is trained extensively in moving & hauling, and we consistently work to uphold our reputation as a reliable partner. Based in San Jose, our service area includes the entire SF Bay Area along with Santa Cruz & Monterey.

Despite being a small business, we offer an impressively broad range of services. Our offerings include demolition, garbage removal, large item delivery, & local moving services. We work in both residential & commercial environments, and our crew is available on both weekdays & weekends. Unlike other providers, we provide pricing estimates online to be transparent about our costs. This enables you to easily come up with an estimate before reaching out to schedule services.
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Follow us on Facebook to keep up with fresh arrivals. After we finish a big hauling job, we’ll post pictures of the hottest used furniture pieces that we have in stock. Also, Facebook is where we’ll share company news and announce improvements to our services.

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Furniture Removal

Furniture Removal San Jose, CA
This photo is a blast from the past back from when we first entered the junk removal industry. When our fleet only contained a 1980s Ford F-250, this is what our truck would look like after a typical hauling job.

In addition to offering garbage & trash removal services, we offer furniture removal & hauling services for San Jose and the surrounding area. We handle jobs of all sizes, and are able to haul away anything from old appliances to factory equipment. In some of our previous jobs, we have taken away building materials, farming equipment, & even cars. Just give us a call and we’ll provide you with a personalized quote on junk removal services in San Jose.

Eco-Friendly Furniture Hauling in San Jose, CA

Eco-Friendly Furniture Hauling San Jose CA
Anson’s Furniture & Salvage is proud to offer green & eco-friendly furniture hauling in the San Francisco Bay Area. We try to rehome every item that we receive so you can rest assure that your old furniture gets a second life. If a given furniture piece isn’t suitable for use, we’ll use the remaining components for parts on other items. Sometimes, we’ll even upcycle broken vintage items to create decorative home goods. In the event that a given furniture piece isn’t salvageable, we’ll separate all the materials for recycling. Everything from rusty hardware to rotted wood may have the ability to be re-purposed by an agency that specializes in those materials. This is, of course, our last resort as we always prefer to Keep Furniture Vintage.

In-Home Furniture Delivery for the SF Bay Area

Furniture Delivery San Jose SF Bay Area

Anson’s Furniture & Salvage offers in-home furniture delivery throughout the SF Bay Area. We understand that not everyone has access to a truck, and we don’t think that should prevent you from getting the furniture that you want. Just give us a call for a free quote on furniture delivery near San Jose. Even if you plan on requesting delivery, we’ll still invite you down to our furniture store for an in-person visit. This gives you the opportunity to inspect the piece prior to purchasing it. Also, you’ll have the chance to see similar items that might better fit your needs. Whether you live in Oakland, San Francisco, or San Jose, our furniture delivery service is a convenient option for transporting your home’s new addition.

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We offer a great selection of vintage and antique furniture along with many contemporary pieces at our furniture store in San Jose. We mostly stock chairs, tables, desks, & dressers, but we carry a number of other items including beds, headboards, China cabinets, & night stands. Our collection of second-hand furniture also includes a few outdoor pieces along with garden accessories as well. Since our inventory of changes daily, take a look at our Craigslist page for the most updated list of items. If there’s an item you’d like to see in our inventory, let us know and we will notify you when one arrives. The bottom line is—Anson’s Furniture & Salvage is the place to find a great deal on furniture in the Bay Area.