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Anson’s Furniture & Salvage is proud to offer one of the top collections of vintage mid-century furniture near Oakland. Our inventory includes pieces made in Sweden, Denmark, & Norway along with a number of American-made items as well. If you’re curious about a given piece’s origin, we’ll always note it in the item’s description on Craigslist. Most of our inventory contains original furniture built in the 30s, 40s, 50s, & 60s. These pieces are as authentic as they get—we source them from luxury properties in Northern California to ensure that we have the most genuine selection. While we do find modern remakes, we take extra care to distinguish the original pieces separately.

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Vintage Furniture for the East Bay

Given that much of our inventory is vintage furniture, the pieces tend to be made with superior quality. Going back several decades, fewer furniture pieces contained materials like MDF & participial board. This allows for the furniture to better withstand exposure to water & moisture. Of course, antique furniture isn’t immune to scratches and stains. If a given piece has any sort of damage on it, we’ll be upfront about the item’s condition. Every item description we write is meant to be completely transparent. At the end of the day, our goal is to always Keep Furniture Vintage.

Our inventory includes a number of tables, chairs, & buffets to outfit your kitchen or dining room. And if you’re looking to freshen up your bedroom, we carry mid-century headboards, nightstands, & dressers.

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Shop Modern Furniture in Northern CA

If you live in one of Oakland’s Eichler homes, you have to outfit it with mid-century modern furniture. The sharp lines and plain shapes seen throughout your house demand the same appearance on the inside. Also, the flavor of the season for new construction in the East Bay is modern style. The new apartment buildings and condos all embody the square lines of contemporary design with newer eco-friendly amenities. Thus, there’s no better way to furnish your new pad than with modern furniture.

When you shop at Anson’s Furniture & Salvage, you can take pleasure in know that used furniture comes with minimal environmental impact. There’s no better way to conserve trees and water than to reuse a quality table or chair. Furthermore, Anson’s Furniture & Salvage is proud to announce that our diesel truck is stocked with clean idling technology and gets better MPG than its gas counterpart. Thus, East Bay furniture deliveries are now even more efficient!

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Furniture Delivery to Oakland

Anson’s Furniture & Salvage offers furniture delivery throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We understand that not everyone has access to truck, and we believe that shouldn’t prevent you from getting the furniture that you want. Just give us a call for a free consultation on furniture delivery for Oakland residents.

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