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Looking for used furniture in the SF Bay Area? Anson’s Furniture & Salvage has you covered with a huge selection of quality furniture pieces at an affordable price. Unlike traditional antique stores, we put out best price forward every time. Thus, you don’t have to haggle and negotiate to pay a fair deal. In fact, Anson’s furniture has been known to price high quality furniture pieces below market value. Since we don’t have to maintain a costly store front, we take pleasure in passing the savings onto you.

Affordable Furniture in the SF Bay Area

Furniture Delivery for Oakland, San Francisco, & San Jose

Anson’s Furniture & Salvage offers furniture delivery throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We understand that not everyone has access to truck, and we believe that shouldn’t prevent you from getting the furniture that you want. Just give us a call for a free consultation on furniture delivery to Oakland, San Francisco, & San Jose.

Quality Used Furniture in the Bay Area

Bay Area shoppers know that Anson’s Furniture & Salvage is the place to go for high-quality used furniture. Our inventory is loaded with vintage chairs, tables, bedroom sets, & cabinets. Our inventory includes furniture styles like Mid-Century Modern, Colonial, Minimalist, & Shabby Chic. That’s why South Bay shoppers come to us when looking for used furniture in the SF Bay Area. If there’s a particular furniture style that you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll keep an eye out.

Given that much of our furniture is vintage, the pieces tend to be made with superior quality. Going back several decades, fewer furniture pieces contained materials like MDF & participial board. This allows for the furniture to better withstand exposure to water & moisture. Of course, vintage furniture isn’t immune to scratches and stains. If a given piece has any sort of damage on it, we’ll be upfront about the item’s condition. Every item description we write is meant to be completely transparent. At the end of the day, our goal is to always Keep Furniture Vintage.

Quality Furniture SF Bay Area

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