Second-Hand Furniture in the SF Bay Area

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Bay Area Second-Hand Furniture

Looking for second-hand furniture in the SF Bay Area? Anson’s Furniture & Salvage has you covered with a huge selection of vintage furniture. Our Bay Area furniture store offers everything from chairs and tables to beds and nightstands. When you choose a used furniture piece over a newer one, you aren’t contributing to the use of raw materials that go into building new furniture. Thus, both your wallet and the earth benefit. Shop used furniture & vintage items at our second-hand furniture store in the SF Bay Area. Delivery available throughout the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

Vintage Furniture Source

Anson’s Furniture & Salvage has a reputation for carrying one-of-a-kind vintage items. Since we acquire all of our furniture locally, we come across some of the greatest antiques one can find in an old Bay Area home. From Mid-Century Modern pieces to Shabby Chic creations, most of our furniture is at least 40 years old. We also tend to carry both Colonial furniture and Mission furniture along with a few other styles. If you’re curious to know about our current inventory, checkout our Craigslist page or give us a call!

Second-Hand Furniture SF Bay Area

Affordable Furniture for Bay Area Shoppers

You paid a boatload just to get a place in the Bay Area, and now you need to decorate it on a budget. Let Anson’s Furniture & Salvage help you out with quality furniture pieces at a reasonable price. Unlike tradition antique stores, we put out best price forward every time. Thus, you don’t have to negotiate just to get a fair deal. Since we don’t have to maintain a store front like others, we take pleasure in passing the savings onto you.